Sorry to bring this back up but I haven't been on to see the thread.

This is about Stamps "so-called" abuse against Cathy.

I was one of the others that Stamp muted and I feel that Stamp had every right to mute me and the other 2 players. Cathy and the other player had been arguing for the past map or so and I decided to tell Cathy to shutup and she wouldn't drop it. So then I got into the argument trying to tell Cathy to stop talking because her voice is literally painful to listen to. Stamp muted all 3 of us for about 20 seconds. He explained to us why we were being muted then un-muted us just as quickly as he had muted us. Stamp was not abusing his admin he was just trying to calm the situation down. Then on the next map Cathy proceeded to argue and try to instigate the situation more. She shouldn't have tried to argue in the public server. She kept saying she was dropping the argument but then she would pick right back up.

I know Stamp has been cleared of any abuse claims. I just wanted to kind of give another side to the story. I have been playing in the ZM server under various names for about 6 months now and I like the community, environment, and admins/players. I believe Stamp did the right thing.

Sorry to bring it back up.