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Thread: Banners

  1. Arrow Banners

    So I have a few banners for you all to look at tell me what you think
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  2. Default

    IMO, the first one is the best. A nade explosion would be nice instead of the black splatter. =P. It's very good the way it is though.

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    if anyone could get a pic of a good nade blast i could see how it looks. but i will say that i like the later ones more than the first.

    I think if I added some bullet holes to the background it might look really cool

  4. Default

    I like that first one, Steamer's got a good idea. I think it would brighten up the background a bit for that banner.

    All three look tight, props Zero.

  5. Default


    I like the whole black and white look with minimal color. Always have with most everything.

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    I think the First one rocks... but I play mostly Zombie Mod and it just seems to fit our whole theme!

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    Remember that what I am looking for is a banner for the main website ti replace the current one.

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    Yep, Remember that from the other thread.

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    What you could do is find a nade explosion pic, upload it on macromedia flash cs3 or 8 w/e version you have, and trace it into a cartoonish version to fit the banner or keep it a real explosion and just edit to make it look better.

    Just a suggestion.  96

  10. Default

    So here is one with some adjustments tell me what you think of the changes.
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