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Thread: The news is in sadly im never going to return.

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    Default The news is in sadly im never going to return.

    Guess what guys. The war in iraq has called for more units of men to be deployed. In the search of osama bin laden. My unit was chosen to go and lots of other men and women. I will remember you guys forever and i really will miss kicking zombie ass on ibis but i have no choice. And all you new kids ill let you know now not to challenge zero to a pub game. you will get your ass handed to you, take my word for it, i regreted it lol. And all of you guys think damn this kid said he was 13 at the start when he joined then hes 25? not correct, my lil bro did the signup. and zero ide love for you to stop my payment and a refund also. (thanks for offer) I will miss all of you again i say because i spent a good portion playing with you guys. I dont expect return alive concidering the breifing before we head off made half the guys shit thier pants. I think that Osama Binladen has a confirmed alliance with the russians and both posses nukes osama would love to kill soldiers and citizens. Also if we survive that guess what our job will be maybe a year later in 2009 or 2010. Russia loves the idea of world domination. Bush probibly has sent spies to observe the russian plan. And i think that WWIII is not too far. I will be placed in battle againsed russia. Also the whole World War III name means the only thing they have best. A biological war. Whats weird is it will be terrorists and russians againsed the world. But i dont expect to survive on the high chance of those nukes being used on U.S. troops to lessen the chance of close range failure to conduct the nuclear orchestra. So i will ask for prayers and if i dont make it through i hope to see all you safe by our sacrfices. Someday we will meet in heaven.
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    We all wish you to stay safe, and out of harms way.Return home soon.

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    good luck man, hope ya make it home safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lt.rambo View Post
    Guess what guys. The war in iraq has called for more units of men to be deployed.
    Stay safe, and next time, remember Force Protection. I'm pretty sure most of what you said in there wasn't meant to be released to the General Public, if at all it is true.

    31B - Military Police.
    NY ARNG, in transition from my home unit to a unit deploying within the next 8-12 months.

    Zero, in case he doesn't check back to your forums, can you edit that post and remove some of that. I'm not citing it as propaganda or slander, but it's a little disappointing from my standpoint that some fellow Armed Servicemen don't pay attention to their Force Protection briefings in Basic Training. If information is released to you, unless otherwise specified, you don't just release it at will. If he wants to make an individual opinion NOT citing his command or any briefings he received from his service component, that's fine.
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    edited so the message is an opinion. I cannot comment on this until tomorrow.

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    GL and stay safe dude. Also, lemme say thank you for dedicating yourself to our country. Come back and play some.

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    Good luck, and thank you for your dedication. I hope you all well and I can not wait to see you back soon on the servers gaming. I leave you with a quote; "To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace." (George Washington)

    PS, I could not stop the payments as they had already been stopped on the 15th of last month.
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    Exclamation Thanks

    Thanks and i hope to come back to kick ass. And i agree that zero should edit to make it an opinion just incase any little kids want to spill to the kids at school. That would all face to me. I didnt get any trouble for revealing the breifing and noone in my blatoon will know i revealed to public. And zero my credit card company cancelled any memberships for me since im not using for quite awhile. My computer should be fixed to run thos kind of games by the time im released back home free. Im sure the fate if the american way of life depends on my blatoon to get the job done and save many people on our coast. Pray for me every day and night that the mission is a sucess. Its more important than me to live. Heres a few quotes that ive lived my whole life by:
    Without war theres peace, without peace theres war. -1st luitenant Tony (me)
    Life is like a game of chess and the devil is your opponent, he tries all he can to capture the most important peices in the game to keep you from suceeding.
    -Hunter Joel, You may of seen him do the benediction on TV for obama. Hes my pasture.
    When you dont suceed at first, most back down and give up, but out of the many people theres one that will step up and try again and be sucessful.
    -Ananymous man

    My little brother will be on forums and post all the letters i send back home.
    Also if you wana hang with him add him on xbox live and hang out and play games with him.
    His gamertag is LGI Rahill 2
    Be nice to him because he will get emotional at times when im gone. I was his only companion on weekends, Im his driver for school and back, I am his homework helper, I am his cook, I am his best friend.
    He will be almost absolutley miserable without me there.
    You guys are great i know you will be nice and hang out with him when im gone.
    sincerely, Tony

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    be safe and kepe ya head low - hope to see you around when your back from your tour

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    Exclamation little rambo

    Yo its little rambo, (tonys little bro) and im just here to say that his first month is going out swell. There has only been one casualty and it was the "new guy" lol he was shot to the hip and chest, not able to get to medics quick enough he died in my bros luitenants hands. lol im sure that shook my bro up. But hes pretty damn happy it wasnt him. Ill check back to you guys later and do me a favor also and spread the word on the forums or maybe even in game. hopefully someday you will hear, its rambo!!! damnit lets kick some ass!! lol that might be my bro. lol ill cya guys l8r.
    -little rambo

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