This subform is dedicated to posting maps. To make it easier please follow this format in posting within this thread to ensure that your ideas are heard.

There are 3 types of threads you can make:

To make a thread of each type simply place one of these three at the beginning of your subject including the [].

Next follow this simple format for the post.

Map: map to add, remove or configure (exact name)
Location: Where to dl this map if you are making an add threadReason: Give an explanation as to why we should listen to you

If you are making a thread listing multiple maps just repeat the format in your post.

If you want to make a thread discussing maps DO NOT POST HERE. Please post that in the general thread for this server and then post the actual suggestions here.

Threads will be closed once they are acted upon as in that they are added as a new map, removed, configured or if the request is denied.