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Thread: Beanz is Banned (2nd time now)

  1. Default Beanz is Banned (2nd time now)

    Exactely what happened:

    *Beanz buys awp - sits in spawn awping people (lags and sucks)*
    *Next round - Beanz buys awp - ZOMG! Someone is coming from long A doors!!! Who is it? NYS CO!! He runs around to mid (from a doors), shoots in the AIR! KILLS BEANZ! then he says in admin chat.... "faggot"*

    *Next round - beanz is watching a doors with awp, NYS CO COMES JUMPING OUT!!! they shoot at each other missing with everyshot! Beanz shoots...BOOM! GETS NYS CO! So, in victory, since NYS CO called beanz a "faggot" beanz said after the kill "faggot" (NOTHING ELSE!). What happens then? NYS CO SLAYS beanz!!! WOW! Admin abuse!! Then says stop camping spawn! Then beanz says wow stop admin abusing and NYS CO KICKS Beanz!!! Beanz comes back and right away, NYS CO KICKS beanz again!!! THEN!!! Beanz comes back and NYS CO KICKS AAANNNNDDD BANS Beanz!!!*

    Someone care to tell me what I did to get banned?
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    You were warned for spawn camping. You did not listen. It was a 30 minute ban. Next time listen to the admins.

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    Another 30 minutes for your wise ass remark.

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    Keep up with the shitty attitude and the ban time will increase.

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    Lmfao, dude you're such a hothead...lay off the ban button and learn to be an admin. I did nothing wrong, you antaginized (sp?) me, I responded, and you admin abused. If you can't stand someone calling you a faggot, you shouldn't call me one FIRST.

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    For the record: I got banned again because I said "going to ban me again?" to him in game. I was asking since idk who unbanned me, then he banned me for saying that and said it was a wise ass remark. So yeah...idk wtf I'm doing exactely wrong.

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    You should probably start off with less attitude. That gets you places.

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    For the record: Come in the server again with that attitude and the ban time will increase.

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    why was i kicked repeatedly after rejoining. i was unaware of equal treatment being against the rules, since you did after all began the "attitude". as for the spawn camping and "warning" can you please post a demo?

    project, i know you get this a lot, but we really cant emphasize this enough, please dont post your advise, especialy considering you were not there and do NOT know the story.
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    A demo is not needed when it comes to spawn camping and attitude. You were continuously spawn camping with AWP at T spawn in dedust2. I warned you about the spawn camping and you decided to ignore me.
    You came back cursing me out on the mic, you were kicked.
    Again, you came back and still kept up with the wise ass mouth. Kicked again.
    The next time you re-entered. I banned you for 30 minutes which is very lenient on my part.
    After you served your 30 minute ban you decided to make a wise remark as "Are you going to ban me again ?" I dont find that remark amusing nor funny.
    Lets just give an example. A cop arrests you for breaking the law. You are released and ask that same cop. "Are you going to arrest me again?"
    You think that remark is not a wise ass remark ?
    So i ask you again, play by the rules, be nice to all in the IBIS community including ADMINS and IBIS Members.
    If you abide by the rules then nothing will happen. If you decide to enter the server with that same attitude then it will get you nowhere but more ban time. Im done posting here, you are making this a flame war over a 30 minute ban. You are very lucky it was just 30 minutes. Serve it well and Happy Gaming !

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