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Thread: Zombie Stats Integration

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    As you can see the forums now have integrated zombie stats data. The stats are updating so you will all show up eventually. It is reading the logs from the last 3 months so yea anything before that should be excluded from the stats. Just like for the gungame that has a special rank that shows, I have made the zombie stats show "activity". Activity is the amount that a given player has been active in the last 30 days. A player with 100% activity has been on every single day for the last 30 days. I hope this will help show off your zombie mod dedication!

    I hope you all enjoy and thank you all for making the servers so popular and making all of this possible. Without you all and a great community IBIS would be nothing.

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    edit. the thing is that i have a 89% zombie activity....i think i went only once in all the zm server existence???

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    ^ lol. Nice add Zero. The stats are wrong though... heres my stat page.... http://stats.affordablegameservers.c...layer.php?id=2

    The forum rank is way off lol. Also I see that http://stats.affordablegameservers.c...layer.php?id=2 holds all the current records now. Just the other day it was

    All the records seem erased off the second one along with awards and such. The first one seems up to date now except for a few things missing (I lost my Friendly Fire kills =( lol ) and wasn't for a long time.

    Edit: After looking.... The stats are linked to the wrong stat record as the updated one is http://stats.affordablegameservers.c...layer.php?id=2 now not weird, I liked the page better. Had a much better layout.
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    yes the new stats are now the official stats. Those stats stopped updating like 4 months ago. These current stats are from the last 3 months. The new stats are still updating so ranks are changing as all of the data is compiled, thus the activity is too.

    Also I would like to announce that the efficiency of the stats integration has been improved by 50% for each item. I have updated the templates with better compression leading to smaller file size and also reduced the spacing. So with 3 images per person per post each with 50% less space I think you will all like the faster load times. Also it will lode the mouse over actions 50% faster now too!

    I was thinking about making a thing that looks at the activity from all of the servers and puts it into the forums under your name like a rank. It would not connect to any stats it would just allow users to show off how often they are in the servers.

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    Yeah excellent Job.

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    Sounds good to me.

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    Damn! I'm no longer number 3 on ZM! lol

    Nice update Zero!

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    I don't think its fully updated/right yert stamp. A few things still seem off.

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    im liking this update, went from 4th ish to top 20 now 2nd lol

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