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Thread: Zombie spawn times

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    I realized that I could adjust the spawn time on a per map basis. Currently the spawns are with maps like escape ones in mind but I could just use a special setting for those.

    Do you think spawn time should be shorter on regular maps and or longer on escape maps. Post your opinions here.

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    Well, I think they're fine, one map that should be adjusted is... lila_red_redemption, the zombies spawn too quick and it's a pretty small map, not enough time to make a cade, considering everyone doesn't just stay in the vents..

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    spawn on escape maps could use a little longer, but on a per map basis im thinking. for example on atix spawn time doesnt really need a change whereas on jurassic a little longer could make it easier for humans

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    spawn on escape maps = longer to spawn, except rooftop escape.

    btw zero, are you going to set it to a fixed time period? cause what most people don't realize is there are factors change how fast zombies respawn.

    humans when by time = zombies spawn faster
    zombies when by massacre = zombies take longer to spawn

    (lol me, deaf, and oasis have no lives. Look at our Zombie activity)

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    funny thing is i havent been playing zmod for a while now cos i moved in to res / playing tf2...
    on another note the stats got recet im no longer top4

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    It is never a fixed time but always a range.

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    Thats what i was saying, its a range based on performance. I was wondering if there was a way to set it to a fixed time, guess not.

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    I agree that you should extend the spawn time on escape maps, but please do not reduce the max speeds. I know when we played canal today, you lowered the max speed to like 350 for all zombies, which made the fast zombie pretty much useless. I'd rather have a really long spawn time versus changing the stats of zombies.

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    I think times should be adjusted per size of map and type.

    Escape maps could definitely use some postponing of zombie spawn times.

    Smaller cade maps should also get that effect.

    The larger cade maps seem decent enough, but if you want to lower the range and test a few maps that seems reasonable.

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    good post btw,i believe for escape maps they should be shorter then they are since they get respawn back to the beggining of the maps, cade maps need to be a tad bit shorter because im sick of people ruining my spot so quickly . Well ty for the post, i hope to see new maps ( cades pls )

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