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Thread: (Rant) i got fired today...

  1. Angry (Rant) i got fired today...

    so yea i got fried today at my job - fat fucking smelly boss fired me for "to many complaints" which is funny considering we dont get tips working in the ups store. yet i avg 50+ a week in tips and countless compliments... i know the reason he did is he is hiring this kid who usto work there that was his bitch and never said anything did anythign no questions or thoughts... so i got fired to be replaced by a drone

    i conclude this rant with one statment

    ITS ALL REAPERS FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!! [ lol had to do it]

    on the real tho im happy i got fired... i been planing to quit for a while why im so happy

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    Damn, that sucks, temporarily i guess lol.

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    You know, that is not a legitimate reason to fire someone, if you can prove it, you can make quite a bit of money.

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    Unless he already signed an agreement that stated the company can fire you for any or no reason at all.

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    Happens threw Temp Services like that does it not?

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    wasnt from a temp place.. or nutting, and my ex boss fired me due to complains from customers... i cant prove anything other.. so thats that.. its all good... nys unemployment is good, and a ofof the books job is good, and class starts monday so it works out nice, take a week and ahalf then back to work some where else aroudn school...

    its still reapers fault...

    and no he didnt steal my truck... i didnt wokr in that ups
    the ups store is a shithole where people go to sent packages and have shit boxed up. then a driver picks it up at the end of the day..

    the store aint even owned by ups

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    Sorry Ice good to see you have positive additude about it... Ive been working at a crappy Pizza place for 5 years got a job at blue cross and couldnt be happier... sometimes change is good... hope everything works out.

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    Don't worry you'll find a better job.

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    good luck with finding a new and better job worm <3333
    u totally deserve it being how cool and awsome u r =D

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    Remember that the majority of jobs in the service industry rely on those worker bee drones of our society to run their brain-dead routine work. This is the reason why some people go postal on their company. We need to use more common sense in the service industry and realize that people are not machines.

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