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Thread: Omnomnomnomnom from your Zmod server

  1. Default Omnomnomnomnom from your Zmod server

    Name in Game:Omnomnomnomnom but at the time Rugrat
    Steam-ID:STEAM_0:1:13440955 00:06
    Who banned you: Im really not sure, it was almost a year ago
    When:As i said one year ago
    Where: The zmod server
    Why banned: I said an admins music was annoying and he told one of his freinds who was an admin to ban me, it says i was banned for admin impersonation

    Other/Reason to unban: I think thats all you need

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    I Notice you was only banned from the zombie server... wait to Zero see the post maybe he'll have mercy on your soul. lol

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    Yeah thanks dude but yeah it was bullcrap i got banned on a server i played on for like 6 months

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    Almost a year go? would help if you posted this around the time you got banned lol.

    I dont think zero would mind you being unbanned as long it wasn't for hacks.

    Question is, if this really was about a year ago, why the hell is it a perm ban?

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    Ehm let me refrase that, The reason i was not unbanned or even requested was because i was immature. I kept thinking it would happen 40 times over and other thing was that one abusive admin annoyed me so much that i just wanted to kick his face in but its all good now so please unban
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