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Thread: New Post Icons!

  1. Cool New Post Icons!

    I have added new post icons they appear in the forum menus.

    What do you think?

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    yeah things are looking nice around here.

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    lol the little hand signs remind me of HLSS icons.

    EDIT: the stick figure doesn't show up all that well

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    I just spent my whole day watching Pro starcraft matches and learning what a "9 spawn" is in starcraft lingo. I quite enjoy being suspended.

  5. Lightbulb

    It shows up really well on mine, are you using an lcd screen?

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    LOL fuck no, I'm not aloud anywhere near my great computer. I'm using a piece of shit screen. Stork and Flash are fucking amazing. I really want to play some Starcraft right now!!! Its tough going cold turkey, RTS style.

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    They look bright and colorful on my HD LCD 24 inch flatscreen. WOOT !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    It shows up really well on mine, are you using an lcd screen?
    yep 22" LCD

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    you might want to calibrate the color settings, bad lcds have a problem with not being able to reproduce colors correctly. For example off white and white appear as just white. On old ones it is nearly impossible to fix this without making it darker than most would like b/c the poor back lighting is a major factor.

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