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Thread: The_R@nger 9/6/08 around 9pm EST

  1. Default The_R@nger 9/6/08 around 9pm EST



    Not sure who banned me, I was in the middle of a round

    Around 9pm est on 9/6/08

    [ISS] IBIS PUB #1

    Not really sure why, but I'm sure it was an assumption of cheating b/c I was doing pretty good

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I do not cheat and would never cheat. I am 100% legit, if any of you know any of the guys from sM (ie sM COOL or sM imp etc)please speak to them, they will vouch for me. I am not raging because there have been times where I myself assume people are cheating because they do well. Not always the case.

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    I banned you because I suspected that you might be hacking.

    There is an attached demo of you which alot of people will watch. If you are not hacking then I will apologize and Zero/Jigsaw will unban you.

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    Are you serious? Have you watched the demo? Everyone I killed gave away their position, whether it be turning on a flashlight, picking up the bomb firing shots, other peoples radar, shooting at me etc etc. How can you honestly watch that and decide that I am walling? I mean to most people being aware of your surroundings, listening and being able to shoot make you a good player. None of these things make me a hacker. I do hope that people realize this and unban me.

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    Like I said let the others watch it. And if I was wrong you will be unbanned. Its not my call anymore.

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    How long is it gonna take the others to watch it? Cuz I have friends who play on that server and I would like to be able to join them.

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    reviewed, unbanned

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