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Thread: READ ME (How to post threads)

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    This section is only for NON ADMINS to post requests for temp bans. In order for your ban to be processed you MUST follow the format below:

    Title: Username(of user to be banned) Date(of event) Time(of event) STEAMID(of user to be banned)

    In the message section:

    Name in Game:
    Link to any previous bans:
    Reason to ban:

    YOU MUST ATTACH a DEMO. FOR NS2 LOG/VIDEO MUST BE ATTACHED AS NEEDED. Not link to the ftp it must be attached.

    Also you MUST create a poll with 3 options:
    No Action

    Select Make votes public

    *(note that only current admins or clan members have the ability to vote in the poll)

    To link to their bans you just need to run a search for the users steam id in the ban list and link the resulting url.

    The first option to get 2 votes will be the action taken unless overruled by a higher level of admin. Any admin may execute the decision reached here issuing a ban or warning ect to the user.

    *YES ALL ADMINS can vote and act on this section. All ADMINS can vote and ALL ADMINS can close threads once a decision is reached. ADMINS that somehow abuse this will LOSE the ability to participate.

    After your thread is made it will be reviewed and closed after a decision is reached.
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