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Thread: Some guy copying our names

  1. Default Some guy copying our names

    SOme guy was copying our names and somehow when he copied my name I got banned instead...

    The guy who kept stealing our names:

    Thx and I need another unban...

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    ill get your steam id from player list right now, gimme asec. is he still in there?

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    I was unable to find any record of that id on the pub server...

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    maybe hes triyng to swindle us. and he really got banned but is making up a fake story to be unbanned.

    geeze project, youre so quick to trust ppl....


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    Who banned him?

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    Did a quick Google, there either was an actual guy or he's pretty good at making stuff up.

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    I think Sid Vicious banned me by mistake instead of banning the other guy.

    mine is STEAM_0:1:86978.

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    Also, Nikolay and some other plrs were in there who got their names copied.

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    i unbanned, your good to go ganja.

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