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Thread: IDEAS people

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    Default IDEAS people

    im running out of ideas for maps and i need help

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    I can give you name ideas and you can work off of the title:


    The Hood



    Keyboard (If you look at your keyboard, between the keys can be like a maze then you can go below that. Something like the map Rats.)


    guitar hero

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    I was thinking of making my own map called "Deja Vu"

    where it was pieces of our best maps put together, give it a shot if you can do it.

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    make a robin hood map!

    Where all the cades are in Tree house things that are way up high, lol.

    or... um... make the third jurassic park movie map. what is called again?

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    During class today I wrote up the designs for the wood shed for the farm map. I still got to try to get pics of everything. I am also working on figuring out how to balance everything out. One idea I thought about was making it so that the doors that open and close could actually break in some areas if they took too much damage. This could have some interesting impacts on the ability to hide in some areas. I am taking min and max players into account for the cade planes so that if you have too many or too few people you might not be able to win. This will prevent everyone from just rushing one spot. Knowing the secrets and team work is a sure way to win.

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    That sounds like a good idea Zero. I am still in the process of creating a map. I have some of the basics down at the moment. I am still learning what some of the entities do and a few other shortcuts and what not. A lot of easy work made hard.

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    Walmart cade map!!!!!

    Whitehouse escape....with Zero's twist added in.

    Nuclear Sub escape.

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    Iraq escape map: where you have to escape on a black hawk or something. Bombs going off every where, barb wire, lots of buildings and thing to climb on and hide in. Cars you can drive for only a certain distance then they go over a IED and explode. I guess the car could be like a huge bus or stretched Hummer.

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    How about an escape to cade map! Where you start off with no guns but half to get to the buy zone first and then to where you are going to cade. Also you should make it so that users who fail some of the stuff are teleported to spawn so that they can just end up being zombies. After like 15 seconds the map changes the first part via a door or something that makes a different rout to get to the cade area. This will make it so zomibes do not need to get though the obsticals and so that they can still be slowed down enough to give players time to get to cade spots. It also makes it so that anyone that fails after 15 seconds or zteles will be a zombie almost for sure. Forced alternative route is an idea I would really like to see used in more escape maps so that you can have more zombies at the end but have them almost all at once when the few survivors have got to the safe zone.

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    What would really be cool would be the ability to change models on a map to map basis and have the models attached to the map. So that they are only downloaded when that map is played. This way the zombies could even be dinosaurs in Jurassic park ect...

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