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Thread: BETA TESTERS will be needed

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    Default BETA TESTERS will be needed

    im going to need some volunteers for my up and comming maps and there will only be 10 spots avalibale so if your interested in beta testing a few of my maps nows your chance

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    I'll be glad to help out. I am availbable at night everday but Tuesday. I have school from 6:30 - 9:15 p.m.

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    Im done to do this fo sure!...just hit me up with when!

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    Cool, i'm up for it.

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    I have classes from 6pm to 10pm mondays and tuesdays.

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    Default i want to play

    let me know i would love to demo also

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    Hey. If you want some help still I can try some of the maps out and tell you what I think. In any case, good luck perfecting them.

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    Im up for it. Let me know.

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    just give me a heads up i should be down for it.

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    u know im down if u need help

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