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Thread: Unban DrakeHawg

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    what are u talking about man?
    Last edited by Drakehawg; 09-08-2008 at 03:36 PM.

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    he was talking shit to flawless
    and that isnt the only admin he was talking shit too
    he was talkin crap about me too. da chief <ibis.a>
    One day he said that he wanted the server full just so i could not join. though i was on a different name i still herd what he was saying. one day i muted him since there was static coming out of his mic. he constantly said i admin abuse.
    he zteles away from zombies every day every round and every time he gets away with it. the one time i freeze him he goes on and on about me abusing. honestly i dont hate him but i do think he deserves this ban

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    Admins don't ban for over a week for telling them something like that. How about you tell what really happened?

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    Delete this thing cause it was miscommunication and BTw Cheif plz dont preach Bs and also Dont hate cause u aint?

    other admins have talked to u allready about lie's

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    you were banned becuase of avoiding a mute twice. and talking alot of shit to admins includeing me. then you pmed me and spamed that with shit talking also.serve your ban and stfu

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    i have seen him spam my self.

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