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    well i thought id give you guys an update since i haven't been on in forever.
    all i really been doing is working. the free time ive been gettin i been feeling it with cookouts and beer parties i been craving some source ,but still no luck with the computer fix. hopefully i'll be back up soon. till then

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    that little icon is taking hella shots to hit his head. guess he doesnt shoot like u

    fix your computer fool.

    lol, later d-mo

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    Yeah i havent been on the IBIS ZM server in over like 3 weeks i think.
    Maybe more or less.
    Highschool is pretty busy, i go to school.. come home around 2:35-2:45pm.. go to sleep... wake up at like 5:30-6pm

    So i have my hands full.
    On the weekends i will try and play again, i have heard so much about ZM and how bad its getting... maybe i should switch to pub.. or GG...

    People who ruined ZM  96

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    ew you didn't have to tell us when you jack off. gross.

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    Quote Originally Posted by +Project.S+ View Post
    ew you didn't have to tell us when you jack off. gross.
    LMAO !!!

    As for D-Mo. Just be happy that your not playing. It will save you from embarrassment by avoiding being knifed by C.O.

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    lolz wait till i get back CO just wait

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