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Thread: Red Alert 3

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    Well I have been very excited over Read Alert 3 for some time now and with about a month or two till release I have been getting more and more on the edge of my seat. Well unfortunately it looks like I will not be buying Read Alert 3... why you may ask. For the same reason I do not have bio shock or mass effect, SecuROM. I have a lot of other programs on my pc and I am not having some bs tell me what I can and can not run on my dame computer. On top of that I am not bending over backwords for some half ass anti pirate tech that does not even stop them! Hell I would pay $100 for a dam pirated copy just so I could play the thing without any problems. Aslo limiting my installs is totall bs. I have a lot of computers for when I do different shit and I also formatt and move shit all the time this is BS and they have ruined all my excitement for this game

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    WOW?! wait a sec i haven't heard anything about this limited install shit( i will look into it after this post) but wtf! shit is getting rediculous. so when you purchase this game you have a limited amount of time you can install/activate the game key ?

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    if it's anything like spore, chances are you'll only get 3 installs.. EA can suck my dick.

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    Once DRM starts fucking up their sales they'll either blame piracy or realize that they're fucking wrong. Unfortunately, the latter will never happen.

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    EA gives customers middle finger with "lenient" red alert 3 drm

    Fuck this. If i want to play it, Raise the sails mateys! Raise the anchor. Load the cannons. If they think we're all pirates, we'll give them pirates.

    You think they would learn how bad of an idea this is after that Sony rootkit fiasco.

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    Let me start by saying that I agree with everything that has been said here... I can not express enough that limiting installs is Bull shit.

    That being said... You can install the game 5 times before lockdown. Ive had to re install my games once maybe twice in the last year. So at my current reboot rate by the time Ive reached my 5 install limit it will be 3 years or so down the road and the game will be going for what 20-30 dollars...

    I understand that as a gamer we need to take a stand against things like this (that dont prevent internet piracy anyways)... but Im not going to let this fact stop me from enjoying what should be a kick ass game. Isnt there other ways to stand against this without having to boycott the game.

    If I have to spend another $20 in a few years for the 100's of hours I will have put into the game (guessing by how much time Ive play'd red aleart 1 and 2) by then its well worth it. I also will admit I dont use cracks and use an older computer to do all music downloads so I rarely Need to reboot my computer.

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    I don't think I've actually paid for an EA game since C&C Generals. They're run by a bunch of shitheads and I would prefer to never let them touch another cent of my money. I'm pretty much constantly unimpressed by their game lineup (putting out rehashed versions of Madden every year for $70 is not something to smile at), and I don't think that will be changing anytime soon. I figured they would have come to the same conclusion every other company has about DRM, it sucks complete shit and does not stop piracy. But then again I'm not surprised either.

    I don't think I'm missing out on anything either as far as not being able to play games multiplayer by playing the pirated copies. Crysis online was basically a poorly conceptualized CTF after thought and SPORE barely even has multiplayer functionality. I'm content with not spending any money on them ever and sticking with single player. I'll stick to CS and single player games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dutch View Post
    I'll stick to CS and single player games.
    If I wanted to do that I'd play on my Xbox 360 or PS2... not on my computer.

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    I think u got it back words mouse and keyboard = fps and single player is defiantly for pc noting how only one person can play on one computer anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    I think u got it back words mouse and keyboard = fps and single player is defiantly for pc noting how only one person can play on one computer anyways.
    hahaha yeah nice zero... you guys get so technical with these posts its like debating with a woman... I meant I love playing multi player games on my computer... LOL

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