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Thread: My zombie mod rant and departure

  1. Default My zombie mod rant and departure

    This will be my first and last rant. I really don't give a shit about what people think at this point. But before I say anything, I'd like to thank ZERO for letting me play on his servers for the past year. I have enjoyed it a lot, until recently.

    Before I started playing on the IBIS ZM server, I played on the GG server for about three months back when QuitYerBitchen was still an admin. I left the GG server due to the tension between me and him and moved onto the ZM server. The ZM server was, and still is, the best ZM server out there.

    It's been almost a year since then and it's gotten a lot worse. I have a bone to pick with all these new admins. They absolutely do not know how to do their jobs. All they care about are themselves and their friends. What about the other players on the server? They couldn't give a rats ass about them. I could watch a player walk directly up to my barricade and blast it down. I would say something in all-chat about it a few times and what happens? Nothing. This is no-biggie, but when it happens multiple times a day every week? It starts to piss me off.

    What about all this mic spamming? I'm especially pointing a finger to Korean who literally does not know how to stop talking. People, you don't need to laugh into your mic every fucking second. What do the admins do? Sometimes they mute and sometimes they join the motherfuckers in mic spamming. Way to go admins. In the same category is vote spamming. Why are they setting up these ridiculous votes in the middle of the round? It's almost like they're still in grade school dumping their retarded jokes on everyone else who doesn't give a shit. But why do they do that? It's because they're admins and they can.

    These new admins are better off standing in a corner with their thumbs up their ass versus moderating the ZM server. There's only two admins/players on the server that I respected: Pooter and Assassin. Pooter is great simply for his dedication. The old IBIS admin Assassin (what happened to him anyways?) was another great admin. Unlike the current admins, Assassin wasn't afraid to enforce the rules. These days if someone did something stupid, all they would get is a slap on the wrist, maybe a freeze or burn, nothing more. From what I remember with Assassin, he would simply ban the motherfuckers on the spot. I remember playing on ATIX and he banned three people in ten seconds for being stupid. What's the equivalent with todays admins? Verbal warning and nothing more. Everyone is too big of a pansy to take action and set examples. The result is mass amounts of idiots zteleing from zombies, breaking barricades, and overall being stupid. They do it because they know the consequences will not be severe.

    Sometimes there would be up to ten admins on the server at once and all of them just as useless. The last few months I've left the server for the night pissed off because of all the stupidity going on. Couple days ago when Defender600 broke my barricade continuously for three rounds and admins did nothing, it was the last straw. I knew I couldn't play here anymore.

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    Banning someone instantly doesn't make a good admin. Matter in fact, that's being a dick, there's a procedure how to punish people.

    But yeah, zm server has gotten lame dramatically. See the post that Nato made called "FYI".

    I'm not paying admin for zm anymore, its like working with dirty cops.

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    Look Eth I understand and agree... but what do we do!?!

    I for one wil not abandon IBIS... I will stick with it. I have faith that all these admins not paying for admin anymore will send a clear message to Zero.

    I plan on getting Admin soon (sorry know Ive said that before but in college... need money) to take the server back for fair players and if that gets my admin rights taken away so be it. I cant play between 5am and 10pm cause the amount of server breaking noobs is to much and the admin abuse section seems to have led to admins not wanting to use thier powers...

    But we as players have a choice... stick with IBIS... reach out to Zero for changes... or leave...

    It makes me so sad to see so many of my friends leaving IBIS... We have to take it back. It is time for revolution. We the "Regulars/fans" made IBIS what it is... this is our server as much as Zero's... lets work with Zero to fix the problem and get things back the way they need to be... rather than abandoning our favorite server!!! Can I get an Amen!?!

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    Zero, maybe a new rule on those question votes? Their getting severely out of hand.

    Btw, id like to point out the fact that I read eth's entire post and the funniest part is where he say one of the admins he respected was Pooter, lmao.

    That kid hasn't used his admin since he bought it

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    Hey eth...

    Dude, by far this is my favorite thread, it's 100% correct and it needs to STOP.

    And rod, it doesnt mean your a bad admin if people are breaking the rules, and banning them on the spot, when they come in the server, there is the motd, that should be there warning.
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    This random slapping of admins, sometimes funny, but not needed. if you need something funny, get off the server and go find something to do. I am also with you eth, these random noobs come up to your cade and what do they do?...they throw a nade right in it, like you said they don't have a clue what to do in zombie mod.
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    I think a way we can prevent this is, put once you join the server, put the motd and you have to say " i accept these rules, to play in this server." So when they do something wrong, a admin can take action, without giving them 20 warnings.

    I hope the admins take this for real, because us people that WANT to play zombie mod correct are counting on you.


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    I don't go to the ZM server for all those reasons. I get into disputes with these noob ass amdins who don't give a rats fuck about fair play. instead of just banning them, I leave.

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    Honestly, I have to say, in one stance, I agree, but on the other side of the wall I have to disagree.

    I'll start with my disagreement. Cade breaking, etc. It's ZM. Sometimes, ya get wrapped up a bit trying to set up a cade yourself or trying to get to your spot or what have you. MM1 isn't what sparks my attention, I try to pay attention to it, but honestly, because I have a mic, it's my first instinct to hear and note what's going on, or simply see what's going on right in front of me. As for others breaking cades and etc, if it was you that would say it, yes, I'd definitely throw out some disciplinary action. As for others? There are some people that just make asinine statements "Oh, so and so broke my cade." How do I know he did or didn't? Can I, or the other admins, just go from that simple statement and kick or freeze or what else simply from another players testimony?

    Middle of round votes, although annoying, can sometimes be useful. If someone in my mind sticks out as a little annoying and heavy on mic usage, a vote to see what others thinks is a decent way of finding out whether or not they should be muted. Hell, a vote sometimes is a plain enough warning for them to shut the fuck up.

    As for being afraid of using admin, honestly, look at my record. I wasn't afraid at first. I had 3 different people make reports that I was being biased and an asshole (although, in my opinion, they were proven untrue). Wouldn't you take some note to yourself to not be so heavy on admin usage?

    Believe it or not bud, there are other admins who do care about the users' and the servers' state.

    My agreement: I have seen some people state their cades are broken. But as I said before, how can I be certain, unless I was to witness it or spectate the carnage that occurs from it?

    The votes are fucking getting redundant. There are several admins, and I won't name names simply because I can't be sure as to which one of the 3 or 4 new admins that I've seen make votes. I was in the server a few nights ago, and within one fucking round, there were at least 4 votes made. I cancelled every fucking one of them, to which I get bitched at by some users and the admin that did it at the time. There's no fucking reason to make stupid shit votes. And that's all those were. If I see them again and have to cancel them again, Zero, you'll see the PM from me.

    Fear of using admin: Some people don't use it from fear. Understandably. It's a little bit of a bitch to pay the money for it only to have it taken away, whether its at the beginning, duration, or end of your term. Like I said, though. For awhile I wasn't. Muting people for stupid bullshit arguments or for mic spamming wasn't a problem in my mind. Until people started posting and crying and bitching about it. In my complete opinion, however, some of you shouldn't have fucking bothered subscribing for admin. You either a)don't use it or b) use it for stupid shit or use it simply for amusement. Instead, you perhaps meant to click "Donations!".

    A post like this is necessary to let Zero, as well as the admins, know that the users are somewhat disconcerted with the activities going on in the server. Honestly, we should thank you for being the ballsy one to put out an aggressive input like this. But it's no reason to say good bye, bro. Please reconsider.

    And Project: lol. I saw him use it the other day to mute some dipshit spamming away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stamp View Post
    A post like this is necessary to let Zero, as well as the admins, know that the users are somewhat disconcerted with the activities going on in the server.
    I agree and have to say this is true for about 80% (at the very min.) of those who have played ZM more than 4 hours on IBIS...

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    I agree, Eth.

    Defender600 is a jackass. I've banned him in the past for breaking barricades. I've never seen you complain about anyone while I've been on. You're normally a pretty quiet person. If I missed it, I'm sorry. Try using Admin chat instead (teamspeak with an @ in front).

    Meanwhile, Korean does talk a lot and I've muted him in the past, but typically only when he's gone too far like the other night with the masturbating sounds while young women playing. I wish we could mute only voice chatter sometimes, since a mute also means no ztele, stuck or zmenu commands. I still don't understand why the disable voice chat on a per player basis in our CounterStrike clients doesn't work. Is this a server setting or something? Anyway, tangent aside, voice chat has become incredibly chaotic the last three weeks with all the HLSS and chatting going on outside of playing. Some of the worst offenders at times are actual admins, which doesn't set the precedent well for other players.

    On the topic of all the new admins, I've toned back my punishments because of younger admins causing drama whenever one of their friends gets muted, kicked, or banned (sometimes when it's not even their friend). I got my admin because I noticed the gameplay suffered on ZM when admins like Pooter or Nato weren't on and it pissed me off. Now, it seems like people get admin to avoid being punished, hiding behind the rules that they were breaking, much like Vicious' dirty cops metaphor.

    Now we have people placing votequestions that are social and often disrespectful, using setcolor on themselves and friends, allowing friends to use voice sounds constantly, using their admin to win arguments or shield themselves.

    I stayed quiet about it because I've had my own share of complaints and I don't want to cause drama when I'm just trying to have fun. But after a chat with Ice tonight, who repeated some of the same reasons, he mentions he's going to stay away from ZM as well. This is a minute or two after I log off from ZM to find out why the server isn't full (only 20 out of 32 players).

    After this and reading Eth's and Stamp's posts, both of whom are trustworthy regulars, I'm incredibly pissed and know exactly what's caused of all this. All of the complaints are my own as well but I've kept them to myself. But with the threat of the zombie server losing some of it's finest and perhaps even dieing, A stand has to be made and I'm willing to be the idiot to make it. No more leniency out of me and any admin that wants to cause drama over a punishment laid out fair and square can get muted along with their friends.

    Edit note: Threat not treat. Thanks, spellcheck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mallissin View Post
    No more leniency out of me and any admin that wants to cause drama over a punishment laid out fair and square can get muted along with their friends.
    Does this go for JOJO as well!?! The other night she was mic spamming and using vulgar language about other players but you only warned and muted those who said somthing to Jojo... it took Cujo getting on to finally mute her for her abuse... If you want to be fair thats GREAT but lets be fair to Everyone...

    otherwise Mallissin I agree 100%
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