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Thread: Zombie Server Downtime

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    Thought Zero should know of the three crashes today on the Zombie server. I was on for two and a third cleared the server completely. Seems to be growing worse with time.

    Anyone else noticed this trend?

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    Yeah, the server crashes pretty often in primetime, same goes for GG and I don't know about the pub.

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    I have yet to notice one for the pub, but I don't often frequent the pub.

    The ZM server seems to go boots up every so often. It seems to be getting more frequently as of late.

    As for the GG, I notice it once every once in a while.

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    The Pub had the buffer error 3 times yesterday, very annoying...

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    I think buffer errors are from a bad connection to the server, either it's ISP, a route in between or your ISP acting up. The error occurs when packets coming from the server arrive in such a disordered array that the client just gives up. Often exacerbated by voice chat.

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    yea thats exactly what it is!....i was having the same problem for a little bit...just worked it way out..

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