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Thread: I was banned on accident instead of the real blocker

  1. Default I was banned on accident instead of the real blocker

    Hi, I used to play the ZM server almost if not everyday and was banned. The level was Rooftop runaway and V for Vendetta was blocking everyone on the final metal plank. After about 5sec. of people complaining it said kicked and Banned. I think the admin got the wrong person because I was behind everyone at the time and had actually went around onto the boxes. Thanks for reading...

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    uhh... wrong unban format. nuff said.

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    If no new posts are made in this today or edits I will close this.

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    yeah the admin doesn't check the forums. might as well unban since there is no objection. you know hewont be blocking lol!

    oh yeah... rage read the sticky thread about the proper format of your request and it should speed things up for you.

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    Unbanned, making the post in proper format helps me do it faster fyi...

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