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Thread: Lab outbreak

  1. Default Lab outbreak

    Type: escape
    Location: secret lab
    Story: You have been working in a secret lab on bio medical research during a dark energy experiment in the lab below you but someone has sabotaged the project. The resulting disaster has caused a bio hazered leak in your lab and the destruction of several other labs and areas of the base.

    Game play story human perspective:

    Leave the lab area that you are in now before the containment doers close and lock the room down.

    Next head to the bio hazard containment room. Then the person that is contaminated will be teleported back into the bio lab where they can be contained (or so we hope).

    Suddenly the teleport system malfunctions and if you do not escape the room you two will be sent back to the spawn. The only hope is to override the lock down but the computers are still hacked. Three manual valves can be opened to overload the hydrolic system and cause some of the doors and vents to open...

    still working on other parts and still have not typed everything i have so far.

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    Ok I talked with death, it is very clear the direction this needs to go. This will be the start of the greatest zombie trilogy of all time and will be a great story and fun to play and amazing to look at. We want to basically make an entire game in 3 "simple" maps that tells the story of zombie mod in terms of HL2 and portal. It will also implement many of the things that made both of those games so great and fun while taking advantage of the aspects of multiplayer enviroment and zombie mod.

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    mmm sounds yummy to play

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    The next place they go should be the armory to gear up and there should also be the turrets from portal in the map as it should be set in an aperture science lab.

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    From inside the gun room you can see a standardized aperture test room. There is a door to the right that is the quick rout recommended for most players. Advanced users can detonate the c4 on the left wall and blast their way into the room. They then have the option of completing the puzzle or taking there chances over the toxic waste.

    Test chamber1: A square room with 2 windows on two the left of your entrance is the one from the gun room. Another to the left looks at where you should go and there is a weighted button before it. In addition there is a portal gun that is firing from the center of the room. There is a red portal in the second room on the right wall in relation to the window from the first assuming you are standing in front of the window on the button.. Also in the second room is a box dispenser in the right corner closest to the window and above the waste that pans across the room; and a lift on the back left that goes to the exit door. On the lift sits the loved companion cube that is in the corner and can be taken off only with a nice nade or two. Players can shoot the tube to try to get a cube out that way but they will fall into the toxic waste creating a safe rout to walk over into another room.

    Test chamber1 voice:
    Warning you did not enter through the approved aperture science entry gateway.
    You must enter only though the approved gateway to proceed.
    Please stop, you do not understand how that works.
    Avoid interacting with the test material.
    There is no escape, you should give up.
    The discharge of weapons is not authorized in this facility
    Each shot you fire takes a small chip off of my heart.
    Danger I can say that doing that is baaaaaaaaaaadddd [blast]
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    Construction room
    Taking the door to the right will lead to a hallway shaped room that runs parallel to the test chamber. In this room the weighted cubes used in the test chambers are constructed. Players will need to clear a few obstetrical to get to the end of the room where there is a pile of cubes and a single door. Humans will need to control this point until the door can be hacked open. It would be interesting if there was a worker or something that helps you open the door and maybe has a gun to hold off the zombies with you as you escape though it. I should note that the zombies will come out of a vent on the ceiling that is right in fount of the stack of boxes. The cubes being made will follow a conveyor belt that links directly to the tube of boxes. The production line should be stopped before users can pass though the room. ALso completed boxes that "leave" the room should in reality just disappear. Zombies should be able to go in the space that the cubes would take into the cube tubes. If the glass was shot out in the test chamber they can take the tube directly there by making a left upon entry, alternatively they can go right and be lead to another area. If the glass has not been broken they will fly to the end of the tube towards the right as the pressure is still strong.

    Turret room
    If users shoot out the tube and the cubes fall into the pit players can walk across them into a small space with a door that leads to this room. This room is basically the same as the Construction room in shape and it also is parallel to the test chamber. The main difference is that this room has spaces cut into the wall where turrets sit at rest. They can not hurt you because of a force field that separates them from the room. If a user goes to the end of the room there is a control panel that can disable the field allowing the turrets to fire into the room. There are also two turrets at the end that can be opened separately. this door is also time delayed but i will come up with some more details for it.

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    Awesome idea.
    For some reason the storyline reminds me alot of doom 3... Alot of science/bio stuff being worked on... teleporters.. guy tries and ruins the work... aliens and zombies come through the teleporter... don't ask how doom 3 reminds me of your idea.

    Sounds like a big project.
    Will there be any custom models?
    I have been studying and learning to make models... I'm working with a team to make a classic source remix of an old hl1 mod called Master Sword...
    Game has alot to be made.

    Great work so far though Zero.  96

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    Actually I do agree that doom is very simular to this idea. Basically I wanted a way to tie the half life and aperture series into zombie mod and also try to induce a new form of game play and story line that will have the ability to ultimately explain any zombie map or model in the future and thus give the entire mod a background and story line.

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    Test Chamber2
    From the first test chamber users go down a small hallway to an elevator that takes them to the next chamber. There is a strange field before the test chamber but players go though it anyways as they must keep moving. [ What has really occurred is an anomaly in dark energy in the area resulting in the creation of multiple universes in the space that is test chamber 2]. Each player that goes though the field will be sent to a different room (note all rooms are exactly the same). However the 15th and beyond players are all sent to the same room which for now we will call room X (this room will be described later but the point is that these players will lose with a 98% chance) Upon entering the test chamber there will be a portal gun available to the player. They should then be forced to solve the puzzle in a reasonable amount of time. They all solve the same one so there are really 14 identical rooms. I leave the puzzle up to the map maker, I trust him to make it hard but not insane. Now when the "reasonable" time starts to end the space time fabric of the test chamber should begin to croade and once the time is reached the space will collapse on it's self into a black hole and then blink out of existence as a result of the hawking radiation. During this time I would recommend that the player just get some how dumped into the room X maybe they get sucked into the black hole and it leads there... For the people that do finish the test they will start down another short hallway and right before the elevator they will see that strange field again. Passing though the field will bring them back to the correct and stable universe. The players will then load onto the elevator to head to the next section. There should be enough time for the people that just manage to finish the puzzle to make it to the elevator. They will also lose there portal guns when they enter it.

    Room X
    Users who get put in this room can win but it should be next to impossible. Only some one that has nothing else to do other than try to figure it out and also have 1337 skills like pooter should really ever be able to do it assuming there are like 2 or 3 of him and no noobs. (yea when i said hard i meant hard) This should be a large room and there is going to be an unreasonable amount of map based zombies that can turn you. You will be able to get gravity guns but they come into play after a bit of time has passed. Now you may think all the zombies will get them but think again. They should be able to hold them off with a preset bunker position or something but let me describe what this room really does: it is an energy transfer casing. Soon when energy is needed to fire up the elevator that the others are using a bunch of energy balls is going to fly across the room and anyone or thing in there way is going to get pwned. Players can use the gravity gun to capture them and pwn zombies and to avoid getting hit by them (should be really really hard -think last level of hl2 hard but harder by 1000%). On the sides of the walls are receiver pods if u lock in orbs to all of them (should be like 6 or more) then there should be some way to escape. The way that they escape and the way that the zombies start getting in there i leave to the mapper. Remember to shape this room like an energy transfer coupling b/c that is basically what it is.

    Voices and other effects descriptions coming on a later post.

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    yes as of right now its about half completed o and another thing

    I GOT THE PORTAL GUN TO WORK IN CSS as well as the Portal sentry turrets to work perfectly in css just like portal except its not lol screen shots after i finish
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