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Thread: Zombie server crash

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    for some reason the zombie server is crashing ALOT. I mean like 3-4 times a day, it just crashed 3 minutes after i got in. it is always on a different map when it crashes, i think the zombie server needs 2 be restarted but i might be wrong. is somthing wrong?? because it is getting kinda anoying.

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    OK currently we are running 1.1 beta on all of our servers mainly b/c 1.0.3 did not work so well but they have now released 1.0.4 so i could switch to that and see if it helps. I will run some debugs and see if a can get a confirmation on what mod is breaking but I will say that the last time I debugged it was just engine.dll so it was untraceable.

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    There are certain maps which crash the server. zm_vc2_scrapyard crashes once in a while (not zm_scrapyard3 though), texturescape crashes if there's a zombie and human simultaneously in the nuke area. How about we post here on which maps server crashed, if there's a repeating tendency, unless the map is loved by everyone and they cannot sleep at night if it's removed from the server, etc, the map should be removed until the issue is looked into.

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    agreed =]]]]]

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    I notice a crash on an assload of maps... it seems sporadic

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    umm, i dont know if zero has made any changes yet, but the last few days it hasnt crashed once while ive been polaying.
    and thats like 4+ hours a day maybe.

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    The server *is* crashing several times a day now-a-days.

    Something changed because I remember a few weeks ago it used to be rock-solid.

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    right now it ius not even up...

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    It is supposed to go down in the early morning to restart. The time is usually around or by 7am. The server was crashing a bit before and would not even start but i corrected that issue.

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