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Thread: WEEMAN admin ^^

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    yes im finally getting admin.. wish me luck.. just paid so still waiting for activation

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    have fun and do a great job!

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    Thank you for subscribing to admin,

    You account will be activated shortly please place the <ibis.a> tag after your name to identify yourself as an admin. Also remember to take note of the conditions outlined in the TOS.

    Thanks for your support of IBIS Gaming,
    ZERO <ibis>

    does this mean im admin if so... how do i do kicks and map change and such

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    you have to bind one of your keys for admin commands.

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    can you please tell me what the command is/are?


    nvm got it ^^.. done with my first day of admin how do you guys think i did? if theres anything wrong with my styles of adminning just tell me and ill fix it asap
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    Word of advice: be fair, but don't be overbearing. although you can dictate map votes based on if you're senior admin, avoid making the yes, no votes unless it's really just a horrible server map vote.

    As for the whole be fair thing, stand your ground also. I guarantee you're gonna have to deal with a lot of shit from idiots on the server, haxs, complete and utter morons who think they can do whatever they want. Warn, kick, then ban. Don't waste your time with repeat offenders with freezes, etc. If they keep doing stuff (even over a course of time) you can ban. But read the server rules for a guide on how to approach your punishments.
    Also: no permabanning w/o demos and take an sb_status every so often so you can get people's steam ids right away. No unbanning other bans unless you made them yourself or have the permission of Zero

    Other than that, I wish you luck man.

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