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Thread: Leaving

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    I am leaving the community due to the reasons that no one stop bitching. Such as my unban me topic. Most of you just keep bitching about "another rule breaker buying admin" and other shit like that. I mean, really.... is that truly necessary to post some dumbass remark like that ? I believe not. On the other hand, what ever happened to mercy ? Admins taking the easiest way out when it comes to dealing with a player is by banning them. Just a FYI Zero, that doesn't help out the community. That shows players that admins are to strict and do not want to even deal with a situation. <---- LAZY. In games, people are going to make irresponsible mistakes and maybe be ignorant at times but still doesn't give reason to do some of the things these admins do. So this is probably the main reason why I am leaving. Go ahead and flame the topic because I am going to enjoy reading some of your uncalled for post.

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    Well admins are required to follow the ban and rule system and any that are found to not be following it can be removed. In addition most times admins ban for something like that it is only a short temp ban. Players usually know or find out what they did when they get temp banned and are less likely to repeat it. Also if you look back you will see that people bitch whenever anyone in zombie mod gets admin because 1/2 the time they have no idea what is going on. Currently the zm server does not have enough admin actions b/c a lot of the admins just have it to have and do not really ever use it. There are always going to be people anywhere that do not like others or are given a bad impression, this is a fact of life and ruining away from it does not change the facts.

    People just need to

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    im new but i will try my very best to enforce rules when necessary.. btw the banning of jojo was so harsh... (lol pooter)

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    Pooter banned Jojo as well? She had it coming.

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    We'll I guess its been nice knowin ya!

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    See ya ! Wouldn't wanna be ya !!

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    lol I wonder where ibis would be if it was founded on lil cry baby bitches?

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    It would be where this guy is when he leaves ibis. NOTHING.

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    cookie for MBP!!

    tricked - you are the weakest link, goodbye.

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    If you fall it is best to get back up, otherwise your position may become unconformable. Unless of course you were lucky enough to land on a bed but even then you best hope that someone (preferably one that is good looking and from the other sex) else lands in there with you.

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