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Thread: BASH of the admins

  1. Default BASH of the admins

    seriously ever since the insane surge of new admins.. theres been constant bashing between the upper admins the lower admins and the whole community of zombie IBIS... its like people have problems with new admins or something.. do you guys have a constant need to point out there is a huge amount of people with <ibis.a> in their names... thanx for pointing out the obvious.. btw i heard people are saying i abuse admin.. how the crap am i abusing when all i do is mapvotes when im the only admin on the server... as well as give beacon to anyone that asks.. and maybe sometimes freeze and slap myself when im in a really good well as kick some people that are blantantly !ztele-ing away from zombies and blocking intentionally... other then that i pretty much maintain my normal gameplay attitude i have been doing for the last 3 months+

    btw i pressed the "slay myself" button once just once.. and some dude screamed over the mic omfg stop its gonna crash the server... yes i know i was testing to see whether i can actually kill myself by slaying...

    and also when i slap people they actually asked me to slap them.. and of course the slap will not benefit them in any shape way or form.. but its rather just for fun after around 2+ hour of gameplay..

    thats all i got to say.. respond if you want to.. just dont bring your flamethrowers and greenades..

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    There are no upper and lower admins in ibis a.

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    We make fun of zombie admins the most because they fuck up the most. Not every admin, but many of the complaints are about zombie admins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManBearPig <ibis> View Post
    We make fun of zombie admins the most because they fuck up the most. Not every admin, but many of the complaints are about zombie admins.
    The Zombie server gets alot of admin complaints due to most of us IBIS member admins play in the pub... and don't really play in zombie server to make sure things are running correctly.

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    And when I play in the Zombie server... Everytime Im there everything is usually running smooth.

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    by upper and lower i mean admins that have been admins for a long time and those who have just obtained admin..

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    Yea it is basically a long running joke to make fun of the zombie admins. It is mainly because the larger 30 server and being zombie mod has a lot more kayos going on. As a result there are more people flipping out over stuff.

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    actually i didn't notice any madness going on until like this week when i became admin -.-"

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    Slaying doesn't crash the server, i even tested it once by running a command to slay everyone on the zm server several times, "slight" lag, no crash.

    Wanna crash the server? beacon everyone at the same time. But im sure zero will ban any dumbass admin to try that. (btw i would know cause of other servers on that one)

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    Could also be that there are less Zombie mod servers than regular pub servers, and thus more regulars.

    More regulars acting foolishly decide they're tired of being punished for breaking the rules, so they buy admin to voice spam, slap their friends, change their color, makeup rules and enforce their ego, while avoiding prosecution by other admins.

    The few admins who care leave and those that stay make war with each other.

    And with that, I cancel my subscription.

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