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Thread: Wallhacker GG Server: Beriss

  1. Default Wallhacker GG Server: Beriss

    Player name: Beriss
    Steam-ID: Don't know.
    sb_status: No.

    What hacks: Wall hacking.

    Other info:

    I'm sorry, I don't demo often. I forgot to run a status so I didn't get a steam-id.

    Caught this kid following people with his crosshairs through walls but didn't get to demo until the map changed. Here's a demo of him on the next map. Takes a minute or two before you see it, and I ban him the moment it's irrefutable (trying to shoot people through the floor and such).

    Sorry the file is so big. I used the wrong command to stop the demo and it ran longer than it should have. No real reason to watch past the ban I did and explanation.

    If anyone see's him, keep an eye on him or get his steam ID.
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