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Thread: Vlc 9.2 released

  1. Arrow Vlc 9.2 released

    The next version of VLC just came out. Get it soon and be one of the first 1,000,000 downloads. You know I am

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    WOOOHOOO! ive been waiting for this... the old one has been getting code errors... YAY!

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    Mine is fucked up. I totally uninstalled the old one and installed the new one and its really messed up. When i watch a movie there is no bar for how long the movie is or how much i have already seen. Also when i am choosing by looking through folders there is no scroll bar, just a black bar.

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    Interesting, what os are you all running.

    I get some errors but everything still works.

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    thats why you use cccp (combined community codec pack). never liked vlc, bad scrolling and messed up subs. that and it looks ugly

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    I get perfection quality pics of it, subbing is perfect, no slow downs at all.

    Maybe cause im using the linux port of it.

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    Im using Windows XP.

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    oh i mean the font of the subs get messed up. like it wont go by the original font creators wishes

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