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Thread: "david"

  1. Default "david"

    i join zm, see admin in spec on high school. map changes. hes still in spec. i kick him.(the server had 30/30 people and a friend of mine wanted in)

    he comes on, and i shalnt make a comment, but post the entire confab

    [IBIS God]david <ibis.a> connected
    Want a RESERVED Slot? Type !reserved to find out more!
    (ADMIN) [IBIS God]david <ibis.a>: mag op why did u kick an admin?
    (ADMIN) [IBIS God]david <ibis.a>: what
    Lord Haxor connected
    (ADMIN) [IBIS God]david <ibis.a>: mag op what
    (ADMIN) MagOp. whytboiz | ibis: because, you were taking up a slot
    (ADMIN) MagOp. whytboiz | ibis: regardless of you being "admin"
    Zombie suicided.
    (ADMIN) [IBIS God]david <ibis.a>: i was afk for 20 seconds
    (ADMIN) MagOp. whytboiz | ibis: got it?
    DeathPool.dll suicided.
    Want ADMIN? Type !admin to find out more!
    (ADMIN) MagOp. whytboiz | ibis: you were afk for 2 maps
    You have been banned by admin permanently !!
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.

    when he was saying "what" i was explaining via mic, but i suppose couldnt hear me. i had said the same thing

    i had my self unbanned, ill ban hiim when i log back on. just letting you folks know.

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    First of all, i was afk for less than 1 minute
    Rule #1 in the TOS states under no circumstances will you execute a command to an IBIS member/admin
    Which you violated
    Obviously you broke the rules first and then got attitude with me, second i didnt mean to ban permanently, only a temp ban. but that violates the TOS too only after you violated first

    You shouldn't have kicked me, for being afk for less than 1 minute (which i dont know why you said 2 maps cause i was playing both maps) so wake up next time.

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    if/when zero checks the logs, he will see you were afk on both high school and the 2nd map, not sure what its called.

    lol, you have much to learn pal

    your time of being afk is irrelivant. afk has one meaning. Away From KEY board. you were taking up a slot and my friend was trying to connect.

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    you are wrong dude. im not gonna fight over the internet any more. and dont belittle me saying i have to learn, you need to learn not to kick admins so you can let your friend in. lol.

    if my time isnt relevant then why are you mentioning i was afk for "2 maps" then ? lol

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    you can see how you sound? read under your name NOOB. read under mine IBIS

    admin or no admin, AFK is AFK i can kick you as long as your AFK.

    youre not gonna argue lol, youre not arguing, you look like an idiot.

    straighten your story.

    you admit to being afk, yet you say you played on the 2nd map. i dont see how thats possible considering you started the 2nd map in spec and were kicked before able to join.

    according to logic, that would mean you played at max 1 map while i was connected.

    my entire session you were in spec.

    your perma banned ability will be revoked by tonight, and [replace this text with a threat of your liking...]

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    why do you keep calling your self an admin? lmao i can give a fuck if your an admin

    admins mean nothing. the "admin" status has no meaning to me. they are regulars that can do stupid shit like this.

    there are admins that i love, so dont be offended. *muah*

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    so what i havnt posted on here before today.
    ive been admin for over 4 months and been a part of this server twice that.
    we can let zero decide who's wrong.

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    ive been a clan member for as long as youve played here!!! thats hilarious.

    let zero? well um... thats kinda hard to do considering hes already done so. he unbanned me, and rendered that dicision i last posted.

    another note he made, another stunt like that and you will be banned. K?thanks

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    well thats good.
    ok well its already over with then so no more bullshit.

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    good good, go ban some more clan members, nyco plays in zm quiet offen.


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