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Thread: Ban for TK'ing

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    Need to ban STEAM_0:0:17677173 for I'd say no less than 2 weeks. I repeatedly warned people *NOT* to blow the bridge on teammates on lostworld and this cocksucker does just that.

    Edited to say he left immediately after doing that. Other admins were on iirc Apocolypse, Cujo, and Fish.

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    I think the most you can give him is a week ban.

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    for leaving right after he did this, i think that a week ban is getting off a little easy.
    i would usually give him a week ban if he did it more than once because we ban people for doing it once without a warning usualy for about an hour.
    but since he did it twice (with warnings) and then left so he wouldnt be banned he should get at least 2 weeks.

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    after a week ban... next would be perm banned.

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