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Thread: Happy Bday Dmonic

  1. Default Happy Bday Dmonic

    Its his birthday, does anyone know where your friend is?

    Drinking, titty bars, body shots off of chewbacca err hot naked girls.

    Cheers mate

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    Read this instantly. Congrats.

    (Don't worry about missing mine 4 days ago...)

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    Lol sorry MBP but I didn't see your Birthday pop up on the home page. It didnt show anything...

    Happy Belated Birthday lol

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    Thats because i didn't add it to my profile. So don't worry about it.

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    I had posted on his wall but I guess this works too...

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    I did too. Now the community knows with a post

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    happy birthday everyone!!! and a happy new year!!!!!!

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    lol Happy birthday!

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    Happy bday man...happy new year to Whyt...well...merry christmas, happy valentine s day, happy easter , happy July 4th, happy thanks giving, happy de-virginizing day, happy school finish, happy first riding day, happy new car day,happy father s day, happy mothers re a mother?? ll be happy this year...count on me!!


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    Lol de-virginizing day.

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