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Thread: zombie spamming for the lose. all look at this if you play on zm server.

  1. Angry zombie spamming for the lose. all look at this if you play on zm server.

    i'm going to start taking screenshots of how many times i buffer out, due to 14 people talking at once. i mean if 7-8 people talk at once i might get a little lag, but when my entire right side of the screen is lit up of people screaming to RUN!!!!!! or AAAAAAAAAAAAWWW!!! it really gets anoying because i will buffer out in the middle of the game and then i can't get back in because i dont have a reserve slot because the zombie server is usually full. Even in the beggining of the game it happens... then i lag bad then get tag by a zombie, or i buffer out due to any sort of spamming.

    i took a record of how many times i buffered out in a period between 9pm eastern us, and 12pm eastern. i got about 10 times in 3 hours, and missed some pretty good maps. I think something should be done about the spamming. i have tried to mute people b4, but for some odd reason it doesn't work. I hope some of the zm admins, start helping out on the less spamming, by not putting up a vote every other minute... what happens is that you start a train of spamming.
    who do you like better?

    1. jojo
    2. kathy
    3. kathy

    this is were the spamming comes in, everyone must say their personal opinion...
    "who the hell put up this vote" - me

    it's not exactly like this, but this is what usually happens with the spamming. The votes that are their for laughs, or for amusment are not needed and it starts spamming/rule breaking/ and hard feelings twoards other players, if things heat up alittle.

    This pretty much main reason why i dont play on zm server anymore, but i would like to start playing more if only i didn't lose my spot on the server
    due to spammers.
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    set your rate to like 89000 thats what i do any i never lag.. unless its one of those graphical intense maps that people really really hate... spamming has been going on since forever.. and since its a zombie server.. people tend to randomly scream.. and talk 24/7

    wtf votes every minute? oh wait is this another kathy issue O.O'

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    no, it is 1 that really pissed me off, we were playing on zm_labor gigantic and then we went to roof escape, those are 2 really good maps, and i buffered out 5 times during them.

    thank you for the rate idea, i plan on trying it out

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    That will probably not do much but I will try to see if I can turn down the voice quality to save bandwidth and cpu decompression so that might help.

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    thank zero, anything at this point might help lol...

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    happens to me too

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    just fix rates... or mabe its your computer... or maybe its your distance from the server

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    Jo Jo needs to have her mouth washed out with Soap.

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    She should be only allowed on muted...

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    i think she needs dicks crammed in her mouth = D

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