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  1. Cool hi hi =)

    Hey there everyone, Ingame name is Kazee but outside CS they call me Jeff =)....Been playing CS for the PC for like 2months...and CS for Xbox for over 2 years...the game is nice! and playing Zombie and stuff and on the IBIS server is a nice way to relax and enjoy playing cs more...especially with some of the characters that i come across in game lol...that is why i got admin to support and keep the game going! ...

    Nice to meet you all!! =)
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    Welcome to the forums.

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    Yep...welcome to the forum..enjoy the ride....and use ur admin wisely....


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    good to see you in the forums and good luck. FYI i will be processing admins tomorrow or Saturday.

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    lol thanks! and yes i will use my admin wisely =P....didnt pay for it just to dick around ya know

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    have you been activated yet. I only saw cancellations not any new activations in the email. If you did sign up please pm me and I can get you activated tomorrow.

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