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Thread: Lost World Bus FAIL

  1. Default Lost World Bus FAIL

    ^i lol'd^

    Nubs somehow got the buss over the cliff.
    Onto the island.
    And stuck in between 2 trees and a pile of logs.

    Then the noobs sat there for the whole round trying 2 get it unstuck (which they failed)

    If u saw it happen you would laugh 5 times harder.

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    I've seen worse. Like in the original one, the bus getting stuck on the rock because the ramp broke (haha i did that). Or the bus getting pwned by the trex and flipping over. But yes this still is quite the fail.

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    damn to think it was on my maps that they fail so hard lol

    but still thats funny as hell

    im keeping the bus in the newer version

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    they fail worse then my grammer and spelling

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    Quote Originally Posted by epic miny retahd View Post
    they fail worse then my grammer and spelling

    They fail worse than [your] grammar and spelling.

    There. Fixed it.

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    You forgot to bold the punctuation correction in coherence with the other bold corrections.

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    I think it was last Saturday when a whole bunch of people were arguing over getting on/driving the lost world (redux) bus, I was waiting for them to go through the sign so I could just run along behind them without having to worry about getting glitched out of the bus. After about 30 seconds of arguing someone finally got the bus out of the camp and through the sign, they apparently forgot to turn however and flew off the cliff right before the ramp killing everyone in the bus (somewhere in between 7-10 people).

    I wish I had a video of it because it was just so damn funny to see all the people pointlessly arguing die at once lol
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    and thats why u just run

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    no that was when dual died in the bus with me and froze me after i had killed like 10 ppl......somebody dosnt get a joke i can see >.> aka dual

    but yeah it was funny as hell cause i was tired of all the dumbasses keeping the bus heavy so i drove it off the cliff....just to show on how gravity works lol

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