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Thread: confused zmod ban

  1. Default confused zmod ban

    Name: Stabby von Clam Juice
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:5998957
    Who banned: Don't know
    When: couple of days ago
    Where: Zombie mod server
    Why Banned: Don't know

    Other/Reason to unban:
    I was banned a couple days ago from the zmod server and I don't know why. I joined and was immediately banned. I am a regular on your gg server and I just started to play the zmod server and I would like to continue to enjoy it. I only play 3 servers on CSS and 2 of them are yours and now I'm banned from one. So, could you help me please? Or at least give a reason why I was banned.

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    I was there when this happened. You were join spamming and there were only 26 people playing. leaving 5 more slot to join. So you pretty much got banned for trying to crash the server.

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    Jesus I didn't even realize. I was at my friends house and Steam was giving me shit, it wouldn't let me join any server. I didn't even think the request was getting through. Sorry then, it was an honest mistake. Is there anyway I could like wait this ban out or something? Cuz I'm itching to play zombie

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    Itchy. Tasty.

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    ha sounds like a plied for innocents. i don't blame you. you'll probable get unbanned soon don't worry.

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    unbanned, keep and eye on him for a while though.

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