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Thread: Cyber For Upper Admin 30/11/11

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    UserName: Cyber
    SteamID :STEAM_0:1:29447450
    How long have you played on IBIS Servers:
    around 2 years (January 2009 i think)
    How long have you had admin for:
    I have had admin 2 days after i joined ibis ^. Except for 1 month in august where i had to change all my VISA cards and paypal accounts, thus missing a month of admin powers, even when I was still on forums.
    Link to your ban history:
    (for some reason it's not showing my bans?... or am i doing it wrong >_<

    Link to all submitted ban threads you have made: (perma banned 3 excessive TKers/racists/loud mic spammers and grievers permanently in the old un-experienced days, was told that they deserve the punishment but to reduce the ban for a long period instead of perma, which i did. That was my first "harsh" punishment ever lol, and i learned from it for future references.

    Link to all submitted bans made by other admins i was GONNA make or assisted on:

    i was the one who told Disflux about Dr Jenny, and turns out he was ALSO recording. He posted the thread instead of me because he beat me to pressing that stupid ban button :P but i was right, he/she WAS hacking , and i was going to post my demos and comment on that thread, but it was so obvious that it got closed same day. (confirm with disflux if needed.)
    i dnt remember this one, but from reading the thread i think i was also observing when toasties posted her thread.
    in this one, i kept it a hidden thing on the forums and contacted zero directly about the player BATAL who used to be reg, Zero concluded he was aimbotting. I was gonna ban him myself but that was during summer when my visa cancelled my admin >_<
    I was called by 4 admins, including shady, toasties, nightstrife in order to assist on the ban because the hacks was confusing. James took over the thread and closed it, not sure what happened afterwards.
    But i think the 3 player were still kept banned by james, but dnt quote me on that.
    Link to all ban threads where a ban by you was overturned:
    (I didnt trust the guy, and I was told by carina that he walls... Trusting her judgement on finding hackers, and me being skeptical, i did the ban. I guess i was wrong on this one. Then again Mikey banned him too just after my ban got overruled, who knows!

    Link to any abuse threads about you:
    Well I dont have ANY legit admin abuses... Only a couple fail ones that never went anywhere:
    "Pepper" player posted admin abuse instead of unban request:

    Hallwagner posted admin abuse because i ACCIDENTALLY muted him when muting another guy in console, and didn't even talk to me before posting... fail;

    This one isnt related directly to me, but i was there when i shouted at Dana for disrespecting me as admin and calling out players for a riot on the server... didnt issue any abuse on her as admin, except yelling at her in game a a player:

    Why did you order admin:
    I ordered admin because i loved the community since day 1, and because i used to play in the very LATE hours of the night... so there used to be a lot of grievers back then and i hated that there were no admins at that time to help out. So i thought i'd take care of it myself.

    Why do you want to be upper level admin:

    I'd like to think of myself that im trying my best to meet everyone's expectations of what a "decent/respected admin" SHOULD be . I am without ANY LEGIT ABUSE THREADS, i am told to be a stickler to rules, but friendly and fair to players, with sufficient warnings before i unleash the power within.
    I also want to be upper for the same reasons i started being an admin: i LOVE this community, and i have been part of it for years, and i want to help the clan and other uppers by taking a load off of them and doing my part for the forums... specially since im a forums whore, and i have to be on forums at least 10 times a day
    I have a LOT of experience in this community in respect to the new comers, and i have learned from trial and fail as to how to become a decent admin, and i want to share what i can with others.. I mean, i get called on by many regs and other admins on steam all the time for help on different cases, and i never fail to show up and help, why not go there as Upper?

    I am on great terms with the clan, and the uppers, specially the new ones since the oldies seem to have gone, and I show respect to every single one of them (except blade bcos he's a faggot <3), and i really wanna help them out, and if it isnt as a clan, then at least upper admin, to do my best.
    Also, my ibis dream is to get in the clan one day, and if i prove myself to be a decent upper, maybe my chances would be better.

    Finally, I am always in GG, im a GG whore, and i think GG could use an upper around at most of the times, since i've seen that other uppers have a handful with WCS and Zmod, i could take care of GG and lighten the load since I'd be playing there most of the nights.

    Although i was away from gaming for 5 months, mainly because i needed to get my real life shit sorted out. But even then, i was always on the forums and reading all the ban and abuse threads and trying to input what i can.
    And even then, i was being constantly called by regs and other new admins to come help them on smthn, and i used to hop on the server and fix the issue with the players and then head back out, since i kept my admin to help with server funding regardless of me not playing much. But now im back , and on a decent computer, not my shitty 20 fps that made me question playing in the first place :P
    The above is what i could find by searching my name, if i missed anything do tell. Although my ban streak is not flawless ( a couple wrong) but i think i did gd compared to most other current admins, and if given the chance i am currently also working on improving my hacker spotting skills so that the above 2 incidents NEVER happen again. I hope at least.
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    Started from bottom. Now we here. <IBIS>

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    Trying to hack in IBIS is like trying to kill someone in a police station, not the best idea...

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    Nice app, GL

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    My ADD stopped me from reading your App all at once but very nice sir. I've only played with you a few times but it was enjoyable. +1
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    Logically I reserve the right to step in at any time and make a final judgement. Any judgement made by me can only be reversed by me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maynard View Post
    Nice app, GL
    I agree, good luck cyber.

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    yeah rosie tell me about it , putting together all these links gave me an illusion migraine... i had to rewrite it all on notepad as well bcos it wouldnt let me write anything non-hyperlinked after a link...stupid plugin. but yeah thx for the +1, im usually here more often, but im too busy hoarding shit at dungeons defenders and selling crap for money before they lock down the shops ;P but i will see u in game more than often at GG

    Maynard, spasm, thanks guys. Just trying to climb the community ladder to where i could be more useful in time for the community
    Constructive feedback is always appreciated.
    Started from bottom. Now we here. <IBIS>

    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    Trying to hack in IBIS is like trying to kill someone in a police station, not the best idea...

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    +1 cyber is a good respectable player and admin. He has been around for a while now and knows the rules for the most part in and out despite the fact he has been inactive for a while because of his computer sucking ass
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    you all are a bunch oh whiny little bitches..
    Quote Originally Posted by Hitman
    0.o.....dem sum fightin wurdz LOL

    I am really scared.....You sending Fiona after me? LOL

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    hey dont be dissin on my machine playa!
    then again it did suck , and my new one is sucking as we speak... need to fix that shit -.-
    but thx lol
    Started from bottom. Now we here. <IBIS>

    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    Trying to hack in IBIS is like trying to kill someone in a police station, not the best idea...

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    I believe Cyber is a great candidate for an upper admin level position. He has greatly improved on catching hackers in his time here and has gotten a lot better at not calling HAXXXXXXX on everyone. I've noticed he takes a lot more patience and time with demo's (and even asking others) before calling out on anyone. I have rarely seen him do stupid rash things or take things with "idiot" players out of control.

    I approve of this app. lol
    Make all your last demands for I will forsake you and I'll meet your eyes for the very first time, for the very last.

    maynard <ibis>: they are awkward and last 2 damn long. I prefer thinner smaller ones

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