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Thread: Not only accidentally perm ban but adding insult

  1. Default Not only accidentally perm ban but adding insult

    DuaL|280 GTX|ibis, not only did you perm ban me by mistake and not even apologize but you have the absurd sense to insult me? So if I accidentally perm ban you, you would just sit on your ass and stare out into space right? Its indecent human beings like you that I have a problem with. Go and get your friends for a forum bashing party and start your replies and quotes now.

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    Go To Sleep Retard!

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    Just close this please. I am so sorry for having been accidentally perm banned by another fellow admin.

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    yea. you better be sorry trick. next time dont get in the way of important business pussy

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    you suck stop making new threads!

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    When you mess up you need to apologize.

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