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Thread: Cathy Admin Abuse

  1. Default Cathy Admin Abuse

    Now i know Admins aren't suppose to glitch people off heli's on purpose??

    This isn't a first time offense just the one I caught on Cam.
    Last edited by Drakehawg; 09-22-2008 at 11:43 PM.

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    You fail at video

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    LMAO just for glitching? i do it all the time mostly to potato cause hes very good

    at it

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    uhm please fix the link. and format in the proper way

  5. Default Drakehawg response

    ROFL! Wow. First, the video doesn't work. Second, I have done nothing to you, but you are just being a jerk to me, I have warned you numorous times and finally I banned you for 30 minutes yesterday. Stop whining and trying to get people you hate banned.

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    I was playing on the Zombie serverfor the most of the day yesterday.This is admin that ZERO Needs to have a chat with.She needs to slow down with admin powers.

  7. Default Drakehawg Response

    This is Cathy btw: I banned you for 30 minutes yesterday because you harrased me 4 times in a row. You are just a sexist pig Drake. I don't want to hear from you.

  8. Default Drakehawg Response

    If ANYTHING I have been nice. By now I should have banned you for a day.

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    Same Goes for you Walter im fucking done with ur ass u kiss ass to all the little kids u beat ur meat to at night.....

    any other girl

    ur the same way u say hawg u can suck my Small dick then i said fuck u fat ass and u go now dont make me ban u

    and u fucking Ztele away from more zombies then i do u Jojo Loving Freak!

    ps. STFU about how whenever any Gs-Zm members go into tubes they are gay as hell u fucking low life!

    BTW CAthy banned me for 1h so hey fat Bitch Fuck u and ur Clap ridden Clit!!!

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    you're a sexist jackass drake you pick on little girls when there are no admins on

    you know I would have banned you for insulting people if I was on

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