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Thread: the hate, what did i miss

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    ok, so as of latly, people banning people, insults being tossed around like bombs and the hate going on in this community is starting to sicken me, its sad - 4 months ago when i started to play here again, after a 2 year break. i come back and it was a fun loving silly place to be. not it is filled with drama of a high school lunch room... {ok some of the people might be in high school or less.] but still its a game no need to use such vulgar terms and insults to convey you discontent. why i have been keeping my posting to a minimum and out of troubled posts other then a quite funny pic post to lighten things up.

    people we are all in this place bc of 1 thing, we fucking love counter strike, so if you have a problem with some one, kick there fucking ass in game, shank em a few times - awp-headshot em - and respawn.. no need to get your blood pressures up over this kinda bs that makes people step back and say WTF happened

    i say this in a neutral view - as i know people on both sides of the lines that have been put in the sand, i dont like this situation that has become of this place.

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    amen iceworm

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    crap happens as server becomes more and more popular D: .. sadly IBIS is public thus anyone from china all the way to the carribeans can play this game.. this includes idiots and logical people alike

    also admin is given too easily... there has to be a system to prevent idiots from becoming admin... give admin as a paying option to veteran players/good players/nice players or something along those lines.. it will surely narrow down idiots

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    actually no..... ppl in asia prolly wont play here cos their ping would be ridiculous

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    you never know what those asian people can think up ^^ .. ping masker (not the bullshit console command).. and other crazy stuff
    Ibis Steam Contest #2
    Canceled till further notice

    I read people's post purely for amusement I find people's frustration and failure quite funny... after all it's all just a game... you'll die early if you take it too seriously. ^^

    Arrogance - only fags and assholes have them... You know who you are.

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