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Thread: HILARIOUS stat search

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    so i'm bored and i went to the zm stat page... and wanted to see if Cathy even maded to the top 26,925 ranked players in zombie servers... and heres what i found...

    its so wierd when i typed in the name cathy.. jojo came up.. and EPIC*MINY*RETAHD came up... so i was like cathy is jojo and epic O.O"?

    you be the judge what do you think?
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    I read people's post purely for amusement I find people's frustration and failure quite funny... after all it's all just a game... you'll die early if you take it too seriously. ^^

    Arrogance - only fags and assholes have them... You know who you are.

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    put cujo, you get the same results, but with more people. I wonder how this search is set up..

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    It is if that word has ever appeared in any name used by the given steam id. You will notice that each result if a different steam ID and thus a different steam account. The name displayed is the one that is used the most and you can see a listing of the most used names by that steam id.

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    cuase im epic

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    nubs. dont know how the stats work.

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    search this weeman


    it will show me pewing on you


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