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the current servers need work before we venture off into more servers.
I agree with you, but then why do we still have Assassin Mod up? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy once in a blue moon get togethers where theres like 2 hours of just joking around play with other clan/admins, but unless ZERO has some kind of buy 3 get the 4th free on servers, we're wasting resources keeping it online? Granted maybe not that much, but as traffic is down (recent award given: Most time on server = 2hr 57min), why not take it down for a bit?

Depending on how much is being lost (cost for serverspace/datatransfer/coding or monitoring fees/etc), It'd be nice to see those resources being used into promoting better play in ANY of the other servers rather than keeping it up (this is not to say things aren't being changed, most noticeably the work on WCS and the races which we appreciate ). Use it or lose it IMO