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    Anyone heard of this guy? I first noticed him in a commercial around the same time Razel did the twix commercial (Rah eweh Zel eweh CRUNCHY, lol). But when I seen this guy it blew my mind. I had always dabbled with beatboxin myself in growin up (I was always tho one layin down the beat for the real freestylers) but after I seen this guy I wanted to take it to a more serious level lol cuz he puts me to shame.

    Check him out

    00:27 - 00:37 and 1:00 - 1:20 is just pure $$$$$$

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    hes wicked

  3. Default

    my farts got more beat then that shit

    j/k ill shit

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    u like him go check roxorloops man he is nuts. he is the world champ at the moment and when u see some of the shit he dose ull know y

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