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Thread: A big oops

  1. Unhappy A big oops

    As you all have noticed the databases have been going down more and more often. In an attempt to find the problem I have been looking over all my logs and finally realized what the issue was. It appears that my earlier "fix" for the problem was not properly configured and thus was not doing anything. Because I thought my configs were running automatically I have not been entering them manually like I used to thus the crashes grow more frequent.

    Now I have fixed it and confirmed that my automated configs are outputing correctly. You should now see that the databases have better uptime and that everything is running the way it should.

    FYI, these configs now run every 6 hours. The last time they were run before today was over a month ago... oops

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    GJ Zero, I would suffer fits when I wasnt able to enter the forums.

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    Yay! Now I can get my daily dose of drama again

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    Yeah thank god.... that was annoying.

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    so that was the problem... lol

    well yay that the forums will worm 100% now

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    Final Fuckingly.

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    or Fucking Finally

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    It appears to still be having minor crashes every few hours but not as long or as bad as what we had before.

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    fuckin gremlins.

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