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    Admin's INGAME name:Cathy <ibis.a>
    You're INGAME name:¹³³7 <ibis.a>
    How did he/she abuse: First came in and kicked me for having done no wrong, but blamed me for breaking rules because I did not tag the guy beside me because I was the one who got too close to the zombie and I did not want to be an asshole and tag him for my mistake. Cathy had a problem with this because she was the one who got me after she was stuck in my barricade for 3 minutes or so without using !ztele and then finally I get too close, so I got tagged by her. Then all the whining and complaining began from Cathy. She first kicked me and then said she can actually kick admins so I got pissed and kicked her, she came back and banned me.
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    Cathy broke the TOS agreement. She has to be punished for this.

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    We'll its seem Cathy ,gone fuck up now...This is definitely not tolerated. Are you still banned?

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    It was a 5 minute ban and I think Cathy came into the server with an extremely bad temper at the time, I was in the wrong place and time.

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    theoredicly she should have her admin revoked and at the very least have all kick/ban powers revoked.

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    Since she did it on purpose... Zero will deal with.... what she did.

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    Her admin has been removed.

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