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Thread: I was banned i dont know for how long tho

  1. Red face I was banned i dont know for how long tho

    i dont know how exactly long ive been banned, but i was banned from zmod server around 5 mins ago. I dont know the admin and i dont care about that.
    I was an idiot and accidentally cade broke. one admin said ok leave the vending machine like that at the same time i shot it down. When i got kick banned all it said was that i was kick banned.

  2. Default

    That was my bad, i banned u by accident. I wanted to ban Epic Retard but Idk how I got u furst. just post your steam ID and as soon as i go abck on Zombie mod ill unban you

  3. Default

    is there a way to get that here, or do i have to do the console command in game?

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    Found it in ur stats page.

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    so u have it?, and make sure u do it fast, I want to play zmod tomorrow, its sunday

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    Check and see now

  7. Default

    Yup im unbanned, thanks

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    aww lil garrett got banned accidentally lol

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    Did u just call me lil?

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    thats correct.

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