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Thread: IBIS Clan member suggested I apply...

  1. Default IBIS Clan member suggested I apply...

    Real Name: Adam

    Age: 27

    Location: South of Boston, MA

    In game Name: -=|2icochet=-

    Weapons of Choice: Awp!! and sometimes AK-47.

    Maps: italy is my favorite, 3rd street I hate the most!

    Reason for App: I've been playing here over two years. I play exclusively on IBIS servers. The community of regulars is great and they are all fun to play with. I don't play as much as most as I am married work full time and take care of my 1 year old the rest of the time. I only get to play when he is asleep and the wife has gone to bed ;o)

    Experience: Played since fall of 2000 when I started college. Played in a clan in college for a year. Been playing every since and lvoe the game. it's the only FPS I play.

    Contact Info:
    I'd like to keep this private. You can PM if you like and I will give you my real addy. My steam addy is my "junk mail" address and I don't check it much.

    Profession: I am a mechanical engineer for the naval undersea warfare center.

    Lastly, It was suggested to me by a well known and popular admin that I should apply so...

    I am formally applying for clan membership in IBIS...
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    Woot awesome!

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    deffinatly has my vote great skill good attitude and i dont think anyone has a beef with him.

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    Rico is awesome to play with and always shows true sportsmanship. Has always been considerate to everyone I've seen play.

    P.S. I like the avatar Wicked

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    Nice to see you put in a App ...Good luck Rico!

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    Good luck Rico! Heh my name is Adam too i'm right up above ya in New Hampshire. I will prolly be taking a trip down to beantown sometime soon haven't been in years

    "If you don't like my fire..Don't come around..cuz I'm gonna burn one doooowwnnn"

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    Thanks for all the kind words guys, I'm looking forward to hearing the results of my application.

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    what crazy member wouldve suggested that to you! lol!

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    Someone named Tribe. Lay down the pipe lol

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    good luck with your app rico

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