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Thread: Unban SoopaKoopa!

  1. Default Unban SoopaKoopa!

    |SGC|A| SoopaKoopa 10/28/08 8:50-9:10 AM

    In Game Name:|SGC|A| SoopaKoopa
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:8139051
    Who Banned You: (ADMIN) DuaL l IBIS
    When: 8:50-9:10 AM
    Where: Simpson_x? (The one with two houses with rooftops)
    Why Banned: Apparantly, me and soopa "set" each other up to get kills.

    Other Reasons:

    *DEAD* Prime : hey dual! soopa says he is permabanned <----------
    beemer killed unskilled.noob with ak47.
    Player {iG}=P was autokicked for breaking the 200ms ping limit on this server
    benthas connected
    *DEAD* 941 southern slaughter : you killed me cause your an idiot
    [KnifeSyphon] Any player can gain a health boost by killing someone with a knife.
    [Tracer MOD] Type !tracer to enable/disable your weapon's tracer.
     [GG_SBM] Kills on scoreboard reflect players gungame level
    ETB: Counter-Terrorists have an advantage.
    (ADMIN) DuaL l IBIS: IM PERM BANNED FROM SG <-------------
    Killer <: Kühnchen Hühnchen :> still has 100 hp left
    <: Kühnchen Hühnchen :> killed Prime with p90.
    Player: Prime - Damage Given
    Damage Given to "unskilled.noob" - 12 in 1 hit
    Player: Prime - Damage Taken
    Damage Taken from "unskilled.noob" - 96 in 3 hits
    Damage Taken from "<: Kühnchen Hühnchen :>" - 15 in 1 hit
    beemer killed |RЯG)h3AdShoT MaSt3r{Blade} with scout.
    941 southern slaughter killed =(e)=™ΜǾΠڱ†ΣŖ with sg550.
    941 southern slaughter killed DuaL l IBIS with ak47.
    unskilled.noob killed beemer with xm1014.
    unskilled.noob is now leading on level 18
    (T) <: Kühnchen Hühnchen :> attacked a teammate
    F.S.F BigThings killed turn ur hacks off with ak47.
    (T) RefleX` JigglyPuff attacked a teammate
    RefleX` JigglyPuff killed unskilled.noob with mac10.
    RefleX` JigglyPuff suicided.
    Player RefleX` JigglyPuff has been slayed for team killing unskilled.noob
     RefleX` JigglyPuff  killed himself!
    <: Kühnchen Hühnchen :> suicided. <^> TimoXa.Ru <^> killed |B| with famas.
    *DEAD* =(e)=™ΜǾΠڱ†ΣŖ : NO!
    [KnifeSyphon] Any player can gain a health boost by killing someone with a knife.
    [Tracer MOD] Type !tracer to enable/disable your weapon's tracer.
     [GG_SBM] Kills on scoreboard reflect players gungame level
    ETB: Teams are balanced.
    (ADMIN) DuaL l IBIS: be happy you did not get a vacation day <----------

  2. Default

    Just to add another quick note. On the map de_aim_dust_05-to-05_v2, Dual banned another player for asking why Soopa was banned (One day ban).

  3. Default

    your both banned for cheating...a week now ..take it like a man. letting each other kill one another on gun game is cheating you lucky your getting off easy.

  4. Default

    Hahahahahaha, I don't know where you've been, but me and soopa don't do that shit. Besides you said it yourself, you banned Soopa cause you are banned from their server.

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    Disrespecting a admins you guyings were openly cheating, which you were talking in game about it too.

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    Where was the disrespect? I don't ever recall cursing at you in-game or talking back. I asked "why did you ban soopa" and "how long is the ban."
    Are we really gonna go back and forth between the two threads?

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    You better pray zero.. does not perm banned you for openly cheating with another player.

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    Still referring back to cheating? What did we do? You can't make a reference to something and leave it at that. That's like me saying You're a fucking douchebag. However, in my case I can back that statement up with evidence whereas you have nothing.

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    so knifing in the middle of the map is consider cheating now?
    thats all we did, and u know it dont get mad that just because your banned from our servers give you the excuse to ban me from yours but it's ok i will take the perma ban if u gave me that i dont mind it's just messed up you had to ban other people for just asking you what was the reason i got banned? and yeah it's cool you gave Prime a day ban i dont want him takin a hit for me just because we were knifin.
    Last edited by SoopaKoopa; 09-28-2008 at 09:52 AM.

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    They got banned for a week for this. Funny..

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