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Thread: "Apocalypse <ibis.a>"

  1. Default "Apocalypse <ibis.a>"

    Admin: # 443 "Apocalypse <ibis.a>" STEAM_0:0:12730542 02:56 70 0 active
    Me: [NTN] Mike (R) Hunt

    How did he/she abuse: Beaconed for no reason, muted when I asked why I was beaconed.

    Proof: Other admins were on.

    I was just sitting in my spot with another guy and I was beaconed, almost the whole CT team was alive, I asked why I was beaconed, he said for being in a place a zombie can't see me then muted me...

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    Kicked when I rejoined the server and asked people to post here if they think he is abusing.

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    Stop posting nonsense... come back when you have something important to post. Its not abuse.

    Here is a example of abuse , If your father beat your ass with a belt once its not abuse, If he beats your ass everyday with the belt for no reason thats abuse..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miker View Post
    Proof: Other admins were on who approved of Apocalypse's decision.

    You were rightfully beaconed in the pit and you kept going on about it. We're tired of hearing the same argument 20 times over and over again and you deserved the mute.

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    I beaconed you because it was agreed that if you were inside the pit in the map you had to have been beaconed. This rule was made long before you even joined the server. Then you go on arguing saying your not in the pit even though ur clearly there. Then you go on arguing saying its easy to get me why beacon me. I said because your in the pit, it doesnt matter if its easy to get you, your in the pit and thats that. Then i muted you because you would not stop arguing.

    Its funny how baliame was just talking and you tell him to shut up then say he was admin abusing even though he didnt use any admin powers whatsoever

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    Edge of the pit is not in the pit, B, every person I ever saw there has been tagged before the end of the game.

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    I've been tagged a zillion times inside a spike and I still get a beacon. And each tagging came before the end of the game. Your point?

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    So if I am totally visible in a hole I get beaconed, yet I can hide inside a create and nothing happens?

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    Ya i would beacon you in a crate if that were a rule.
    Just like how its a rule to get beaconed in a pit.

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    This map wouldn't happen to be Island defense( i think thats the name,), would it?

    If so, Then he had every right to beacon you.

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