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Thread: Bailout failed, Down 777 points.....

  1. Default Bailout failed, Down 777 points.....

    And its still going tog et worse. Democrats voted with a 70% majority and the Republicans voted with a 25%??? majority

    205 Voted Yes and the o9ther 225 voted no with 2 no votes.

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    oh fuck... start buying gold.. because all USD and other currency will be useless very soon
    Ibis Steam Contest #2
    Canceled till further notice

    I read people's post purely for amusement I find people's frustration and failure quite funny... after all it's all just a game... you'll die early if you take it too seriously. ^^

    Arrogance - only fags and assholes have them... You know who you are.

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    I said i wanted 2g in gold 2 years ago. My mom never got it I would have over 4g by now and rising.

    Was the final amount really 777

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    777.68 ; -6.98%

    I believe CNN said we lost over 1 trillion dollars today

    Wachovia (WB, Fortune 500) shares began trading in the afternoon, plunging 81%. Citigroup (C, Fortune 500) fell almost 12%.

    Oil and gold: U.S. light crude oil for November delivery fell $10.52 to settle at $96.37 a barrel, in the second-biggest one-day plunge ever. (Full story)

    Oil prices had plummeted over $55 after peaking at $147.27 a barrel on July 11, as investors bet that sluggish global growth will diminish oil demand. But prices have seesawed in the last few weeks as the financial crisis has intensified and investors sought to put their money into hard assets.

    COMEX gold for December delivery rose $5.90 to $894.40 an ounce. Like oil, gold prices had also rallied during the biggest periods of unrest over the last few weeks

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    Haha leave it to Washington to destroy the economy.

    What a fucking joke, putting the bill to a vote and having it NEGGED.


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    Remember that the minority republicans are to blame for its failure if they had voted in place of the 84+ democrats that voted against it would have passed!

    Wait that, I can not understand brain going to explode.....

    Here is a fun fact do you know where the 700 figure came from!?

    Also lets try to remember what made the great depression the great depression and not just a single day of an economic anomaly?

    I will post the answers after I give you all some time to think about it or look some of the stuff up. If your interested look up the book the forgotten man, it coverts the events of the great depression.

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    Dow went up 485 points yesterday on hopes of another bailout......

    But today its down almost 200 ahead of the senates vote because of the numbers. Currently its 193 Yes and 215 No with 28 Not Voted.

    once again Republicans voted 33% yes and 66% No

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    Meh I'd rather not let them bailout the corps. Or if they did, do something along the lines of Sweden.

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    Dude its the US government.

    They do what they want! They come up with the biggest bullshit excuse or biggest horseshit idea and they stick with it.

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