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Thread: Married... With Children

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    top 10 sitcoms. any others?

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    Wonder Years

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    Scrubs and Fresh prince.

    (there are so fucking many its hard to name them all so ill stick with two for now)

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    wonder years and prince are hella funny.

    idk which channel plays wonder years anymore. fresh prince is always on at night.

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    south park considered a sitcom?

    friends is historic... i think

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    I was going to add friends but it goes without saying.

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    Cant forget about Seinfeld. It was the shit back in the days too.

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    It still is, they have at least 1 re-run every fucking second on a channel.

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    Prison Break
    Family guy

    are the only shows i watch

    id recommend non of these, but i do remember how sweet fresh prince was.
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    House and family guy are both great. I just recently started getting into house, hes fucking pimp.

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